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F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions often dispel myths and offer guidelines on how a design company does business, especially if a potential client has never worked with a designer before. Below you will find our most frequently asked questions, and of course, if you have more we look forward to hearing from you!

1. What kind of design aesthetic do you identify with? What style is your specialty?

We do not limit ourselves to one type of design. We assist our clients in developing their style with our experience and guidance. With so many years of experience, we’ve been given the opportunity to design in many different styles and fashions.

2.  How long will my project take?

This is a very good question! Naturally, each job is unique so project lengths will vary.  It is our practice to guide you from the beginning with realistic expectations on how the project will go. Occasionally unforeseen circumstances may arise and will force a delay, but we always let you know in a timely manner.

3. How do I determine what your fees will be?

Our fees vary, as we understand the scope of the project. Ideally, you should have a budget or a range of what you’re ready to invest into your home.  There are many ways to design any given space, and knowing what your budget is helps us properly direct the creativity into your unique space.

4. If we give you a budget, we are concerned you will plan our project at the top of our budget.

The most positive beginning is to be upfront about all of the project goals, finances are no exception. We want to meet your goals and certainly bring you the absolute most can within your budget requirements leaving space for contingencies.  We know you’re investing in your home and entirely respect that.

5. Do you have liability insurance? Who is covered?

France Lavin Design and its’ team members are covered under our liability policy.  We require all companies that work with us to have their own liability insurance protecting our clients’ property.

6. I noticed you have two designers on board, does that mean I get charged double for your time when you work together?

No. We protect our client’s investment by charging only for one designer at a time.  If two designers are working simultaneously, we charge at the principle designer’s fee only ($150./hr)